Zycalloy  can not only manufacture copper alloy material according to China's national standard, but also can produce it as the related standards of the ASTM(UNS,SAE), EU and JIS, etc.What's more,we  can also develop the copper alloy material according to the special requirements and drawings of customers

  • Hydraulic Pump

    Hydraulic: zycalloy's copper alloy materials are widely used in the manufacture of hydraulic valves, gear pumps,  piston pumps, motor and so on. We have gained enough trust from our customers, especially in the area of high-pressure piston pumps, our  customers commented, "Zycalloy has greatly contributed to the development of China's hydraulic piston pump industry."

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  • Automobile

    Automotive: Turbochargers, Engines, Automotive A/C Compressors, Axles

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  • Basic Industry

    Basic industries: bearing retainer, bearing, bolts, nuts, washers, sealing,worm gear

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  • Ship

    Ships: Propellers, propeller caps, worm gear, marine copper flanges, copper shaft rods, copper sleeves,bushings

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  • Engineering Machinery

    Construction machinery: Rock drilling nuts, copper sleeve drill handle, wear-resistant sleeve for connecting parts

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  • High-speed Railway

    Railway: conductive row, line guidance, brake valve

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