Zycalloy has always been staff-centered, providing complete core HR management, creating multi-dimensional employee files, integrating key data and business, improving management efficiency, building organization and position system, and providing support to enterprise talent strategy.

Talent Selection

With a recruitment mechanism emphasizing equal stress on integrity and ability, strict employment yet reasonable termination, and through employing only the most suitable talents we have built up a recruitment system with internal recommendation and external recruitment channels, able to absorb qualified domestic and oversea human resources.

Talent Utilization

we talent utilization mechanism is based on fair competition and reflects the spirit of “morally oriented, innovation rooted and performance honored.” We support development of the fittest, promoting those with abilities and replacing those unqualified. We promise each employee shall be well respected and recognized by the enterprise, as we are dedicated to a “fair play” environment.

Talent Cultivation

Since study is the starting point of progress, training is critical for organizational development. Via internal & external training channels we constantly conducts staff training to consistently improve our workforce. Moreover, we advocate the concept of “lifelong study,” building learning ecosystem for constant exploitation of staff potential. Through great efforts, the company successfully cultivate morality, loyalty, and responsibility within the firm, making our team them more innovative, performance honored and dedicated in our positions.

Talent Retention

Through a strong company culture, internal promotion and training, personal care & support, working together & sharing of achievements, we builds up a work environment which encourages staff to improve themselves. With a relaxed work atmosphere, considerate administrative service and a fair performance assessment system the enterprise retains and develops talent in diverse aspects via competitive compensations & welfare, training & career development opportunities, long term incentives and so forth.