Zycalloy  can not only manufacture copper alloy material according to China's national standard, but also can produce it as the related standards of the ASTM(UNS,SAE), EU and JIS, etc.What's more,we  can also develop the copper alloy material according to the special requirements and drawings of customers

Precision of finished parts

Precision of finished parts

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Machining Copper Alloy Parts

Zycalloy's products can be used in many fields, especially for high strength and high wear resistance.

A wide range of industrial and civil applications, such as hydraulic pumps, automobiles, engineering machinery, aerospace, marine vessels and more.

We will widely promote the positive product in different industries and willing to provide some solutions.

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Zycalloy Profile

Zycalloy company is committed to the development  of copper alloy materials to meet the needs of industrial progress for special copper alloy material

We have been focusing on the development and manufacture of wear-resistant copper alloy materials.

Global Customers

Zycalloy has become the most reliable copper alloy  material supplier for many European and American companies in mainland China. In some projects, it has also developed new copper alloys with European and American customers to meet more stringent application and environmental standards.

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