Social Responsibility


Zycalloy always pays attention to the construction of enterprises' environmental protection, safety production, social morality and public interests, and takes "the pursuit of the long-term goal that is beneficial to society".

 We are in a socially beneficial manner for the operation and management.

  • Energy saving, implementation of cleaner production

    Zycalloy attaches great importance to environmental protection, in the past years has been  response to national policy for energy saving and emission reduction, and continue to eliminate backward production capacity and polluting the environment of technology and equipment.In recent years ,we invest a few funds for equipment, environmental protection and environmental monitoring system Upgrade, conduct a full range of environmental protection equipment transformation, full implementation of cleaner production, to create environment-friendly enterprises. 

  • Environmental protection,and research lead free products

    Products developed and manufactured by Zycalloy are not just metal, but more life.

  • Advocate green office operations, starting from ourselves

    A survey of the office environment shows that printing costs in office wastage rates as high as 40%, and large amounts of paper applications have become an important source  waste.Over the past years, Zycalloy advocates modern office deployment and implementation of a series of office software, management software, instead of paper.We promote  low-power office, paperless office, recycling and other measures to effectively promote new measures to save energy and environmental protection.